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• Reduce Hair Loss & Dandruff

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FACT: The Chlorine and Chloramine used in public water supplies has been clearly established to be dangerous to the health of your skin and hair when you shower. The chlorine gases released in the warm shower environment have been shown to be irritating and damaging to the mucuous membranes of your eyes and sinuses as well as potentially damaging to your lungs. You are exposed to more harmful free-radicals in your shower than throughout the rest of your day.
FACT: The Vitamin-C de-chlorination method used in the Neutra-C natural chlorine neutralizer is 100% effective in neutralizing all of the chlorine and chloramine in your tap water as well as providing you with the widely known benefits of Vitamin-C and its clinically proven anti-oxidant properties. The EPA has determined Vitamin-C to be the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly method of removing chlorine and chloramine from water.

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